About iSpark

iSpark Innovations, an organization incubated to cater to the learning needs of children striives to convert education into fun.

iSpark will strive to create, develop and offer a range of innovative, useful learning toys and devices merging technology and proven wisdom in a never-before manner to children of all capabilities, age groups and skills. iSpark visualizes a world where children are self paced learners that learn by discovery, exploring a wonderful world in a safe and healthy manner.

As new technologies bring in ever changing interfaces (keyboard to mouse to touch to swipe) and digital information permeates the new world, knowledge delivery mechanisms will change forever. As established methods of teaching change the landscape of schools as we know it, iSpark envisages a confident child that learns by experimentation, discovery and experiences rather than by memory and high fidelity.

Therefore iSpark’s path ahead will be exciting, challenging and full-filling as it breaks new boundaries in enabling the children of today to becoming better equipped to create the world of tomorrow. iSpark will create vibrant community of parents, children and teachers into healthy spirit of learning and giving.

iSpark is based out of Bangalore in India.